Do we plan your vacation with Loan Friend?

Do we plan your vacation with Loan Friend?

Organizing the most anticipated time of year is not a one-day thing. Searching for the best destinations, comparing accommodation prices and the trips that best suit our plans are things that we must do in advance to make sure that our vacations will be as we imagine.

We have been waiting for this moment for months and nothing can go wrong! Today we bring you a series of tips so that organizing your vacation is simple and that we do not lack anything.

Beach, mountain or a cultural trip?

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One of the first things we have to do is agree with our companions. It is not easy to choose the place of your next vacation, since you would like to go to all possible places. Once you know your preferences you can start looking for information.

What is our budget?

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On many occasions we look for the destination of our holidays looking at our portfolio. Thanks to Across Lender, that will no longer be a problem. Thanks to Loan Friend Holidays and Leisure, you can calculate your loan and go on vacation without worrying about anything else, since you will enter the draw for an experience pack every week. And that’s not all! With the formalization of your loan contract, you will participate in the draw for its cancellation. You can get it totally free! Your money at the time of planning your vacation will not be a problem thanks to Loan Friend, since you can have it at the time you want.

Doing things in time is much better.

Organizing your vacations and leisure moments in time can be very positive, since the offer will be much greater and there will be more options available. In addition, your pocket will realize the savings of making your reservations in advance.

Compare and choose the best option.

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Find out about the different destinations, check the opinions of other travelers and see what are the cheapest dates to travel. Take time to plan your trip and research to choose the best option.

If you contract services through the internet, do it safely.

That we do not have to leave home to hire our holidays is already a reality. Through the Internet, you can access all the services that interest you and compare with other brands. If you want your data and transactions to be protected, find out about our measures and recommendations.

Do you need a car for your trip?

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It may happen that the moment we have everything ready, our car plays a trick on us. We will not allow you to be left without your summer trip. With the New Vehicle Friend Loan you can request a loan of up to $ 75,000 with an opening commission of 1.50% and a TIN and APR of 5.50% and 6.06% respectively. In addition, total and partial cancellation is free. Travel in your new car and with the best benefits to your dream place.

Pack your suitcase and enjoy the trip

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This is the last step and the one we all like the most. We want this summer 2017 to be perfect and that you can travel and disconnect from your routine. With the Friend Loan you and your family can enjoy your best summer. Request your Friend Loan Holidays, celebrations and leisure and you will enter the draw for its cancellation. This promotion will be valid until June 30 Take part and enjoy your vacation for free!Article Name Do we plan your vacation with Loan Friend? Description It’s time to plan your summer trips. With Loan Friend your vacation or your new car will be a dream come true. Author

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